Heya, I'm $root!

Nice to meet you! It's a wonderful afternoon.

I design & build
websites humans love to use! and perform penetration tests also for finding bugs.

Here are some projects I recently worked on:

Ronin Racing

A team going to participate in FSEV

bus pin trolleybus

Devathon NITW

Easy-to-navigate grievance management portal for NIT Warangal.

ding bell golf drum

Everfree Northwest

Creative direction and website for a major fan convention.

front marina mocha

Vehicle Inspections

A major on-demand transportation company goes paperless.

car eye mechanic


Landing page empowering students to learn cyber-security.

The letter h on a red background Hand holding banner that says Hack Club The Hack Strikes Back

Call for Makers

Initiative by IG for interested ones in cyber-security.

Coming Soon!

Let's grab some coffee & burgers!

I am currently studying in Warangal, NITW, but I also end up in New Delhi City pretty often.

I'm again feeling hungry.